Overuse of directories to categorize files

It seems clean if we categorize things in directories.
For example,

         section1.pdf, section2.pdf, section3.pdf
         section1.doc, section2.doc, section3.doc
         section1.txt, section2.txt, section3.txt

However, you have to type “pdf” twice, and the path gets one step
deeper. Instead, we can just flatten the directory.

         section1.pdf, section2.pdf, section3.pdf
         section1.doc, section2.doc, section3.doc
         section1.txt, section2.txt, section3.txt

Note that it is as clean as the previous one because the files
are named nicely. And it is a lot more accessible.

Do not afraid to have many files in a directory. I say it is OK to
have 100 files in a directory as long as those files are categorized
by its name. Both UNIX’s ls and Windows explorer sort the files.


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