Something is strange

Some engineers say this in bug reports, status reports, or even in technical discussions. “Something is strange.”

I thought you are hired to find that “something”, and to find what is causing it to be “strange”. Do you complain about what you are paid for?

This happens also when things are working. They don’t know why things are working. But it is OK for them because it is working anyway. Not a big deal even if it is flaky from time to time.

This sort of attitude has some bad effects:

1. The information coming out from you is ambiguous. People waste time asking you again and again to get concrete information. You lose trust from people.

2. Because you do not approach the problem, you don’t learn today from what you saw. You don’t grow up if you continue this attitude.

I think it is OK to feel “something is wrong”. But I do not allow me to say that. Whenever I feel “something is wrong”, it means my visibility is not enough. Just one step of observation would make my thought more concrete; such as,

– check network traffic
– dump variables
– dump event dispatch log

I use the “something is wrong” feeling as a trigger of my action to get one more observation.


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