Sincere version numbering

When it comes to version numbering, don’t be humble like this:

  • my program version 0.0.1
  • my spec draft 1

I bet those program versions never gets 1.0.0, even when the program is released to many users. And I bet the spec is with “draft” stamp even after implementation begins, and often at the end of the project.

Are you saying “please easy on me because this is only a draft version”? That is not real humble, and not sincere at all.

Bravely call it version 1, when you show it to the real users; such as users of the tool, or users of the spec.

  • my program version 1.0
  • my spec version 1.0

Version 1.0 is your signature saying that you performed your part of job, and your promise to fix if there is problem. Isn’t that what good engineer do?

By the way, unless you are managing big project such as Linux kernel, two digits are fine for versions. Don’t add a digit that is never get incremented.


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