Reporting a bug

Bug reporting is where good and bad engineer differ significantly. Good engineer can write a crisp and clear report. Bad engineer writes lengthy letter with no concrete info other than saying something is wrong. Following this sort of bug report, following kind of questions have to be made.

  • Show the exact error message.
  • Show your program.
  • Show what you typed.
  • Show the version of your tool.

You can avoid this in once shot: Paste your program and your screen shot in the report. They are good because they include all the necessary information the recipiant needs, and they include information which you might omit: your mistyping, misoperation, wrong version, etc.

There are more habit of bad engineers.

  • They write lengthy letter trying to be polite.
  • They write their speculations or suggestions.

No need them at all. The purpose of the bug report is to describe what the problem is. Your recipient cannot do anything until he sees the problem, and usually he is well motivated when he sees it. So you only have to make your best effort to make it easy for him to reproduce the problem. One solid observation is good enough to analyze a bug.