Admit your mistake

The purpose of technical discussion is to come up with a fact; it is not to decide who is right or wrong.

When you were wrong, you should just say

– Oops, I was mistaken.
– I was wrong. Let me take it back.
– Ah, you are right.

Then you are forgiven. You don’t lose anything.

While you are being wrong in the discussion, you are making noise.  Making noise is OK because the purpose of the discussion is to erase such noise in the end. You are responsible to notice when you are making such noise, and clearly admit that as quickly as possible.

Whether you are wrong or right doesn’t affect your identity. Some people get it wrong, and force their opinion to look right by taking the discussion to the wrong direction, or hope the mistake disappear by making the point vague.

– No, no, no. That may be true, but what if …..
– Yeah sort of. But I just wanted to …..

You should know that only you are content by such action, and to everyone’s eye you are wrong and continue to be wrong. It is much easier if you admit what was wrong quickly and just go on.

I have to admit that I used to refuse to admit my mistake in front of people. It took some time and effort to admit your mistake clearly. So you should start working on it today.