ASCII rules

If you write a tech resume, write in ASCII plain text. It may be cut and pasted several times on emails to reach your future boss. If you use any other formats, some information might be lost or inadvertently modified during the forwarding.

The same thing applies for the most of other technical documents. Write them in ASCII as much as possible.

Here are reasons to select ASCII.

– You can write fast in ASCII.
– You can search comprehensively in ASCII.

Our job is to write and read bunch of the document, and keep them up to date and consistent. Beautiful typesetting is not important unless you show it to your customer.

If you are in a position to make such decision, encourage people to write in ASCII. And please do not choose Microsoft Word as a standard. If you feel unconfortable to read plain text document on the screen, and insists nicely formatted and prited document, I think you are already too old. Please consider to retire as soon as possible.