Note with outline mode

Suppose your boss asks the result of the experiment performed about one year ago. Can you give him an answer within 10 minutes? – I can.

The reason is I have a note, which is written in plain text and saved in one giant file: ~/Note. The file is written in Emacs outline mode.

* 2/6 flash problem…
* 2/6 OHCI bringup note…
* 2/5 todo for project X…

Each section can be anything: a report, program snippet, session log, or even a memo of random thoughts. My rule is like this:

– Anything can be in ~/Note.
– Write a short section title with a date.
– It is OK to be dirty in a section.
– No memo should not be saved in other places.

Then whenever I want to remember something, I know that’s in ~/Note. And I can grep through it.

I don’t write on a paper because the power of paper notebook is too short for what we are doing. When I have to write on a paper, I type it later in ~/Note.