Working with slow machine

We programmer have to wait for the response from the machine. When the machine is slow, such as, slow simulation or long compilation, it disturbes our rhythm.

During the waiting time, I tend to think what to do next, but most of the time I just wish the compilation ends sooner. Wishing is not my job, and know that I’m not doing right. Knowing that makes me stressed up.

So first thing I do is to stop seeing the progress. By looking at the scrolling screen,
I tend to go into wish mode, or spend time looking for warnings in the scrolling screen.

Unless you are like a chess master, you can prepare only one step ahead. Preparing two steps ahead takes more effort and sometimes turn out to be wrong.

So I do something else instead; the best thing is something unrelated, such as unrelated reading or short stretching. Sounds inefficient? But I found that I tend to accomplish more than I expect at the end of the day, and I get less stressed.